My year abroad has sadly come to an end 😦 and after much thought I have decided the best way to conclude what has most certainly been the best year of my life to date would be to list those life lessons I have come to truly comprehend over the last year.

So here it goes…

  1. Friends are everywhere; there are still people out there you don’t know and that will most likely make a huge impact on your life when you finally meet them. This year I met so many new and wonderful friends that I have often had to ask myself “How did I manage to survive the first 20 years of my life without them?”
  2. Home is where the heart is, but it’s so much more complicated than just being a physical domain. I have realised that if you travel you will probably end up with more than one home, because your heart becomes attached to so many people and places all at once that the definition of ‘home’ becomes very blurred.
  3. If I was told I could have unlimited money to do one thing and one thing only it would be an easy choice: traveling, which according to Spanish novelist, Enrique Poncela, is a sign of intelligence so no complaints here 🙂

    “Viajar es imprescindible y la sed de viaje, un síntoma neto de inteligencia.” – E. Poncela

  4. I learned to blog and loved it!
  5. When thousands of miles can separate you, you quickly discover the people who are going to be in your life for a very long time no matter what and no matter where you each end up.
  6. Your favourite foods are still waiting to be discovered.
  7. The best way to learn a language is to get very angry in that language, because you lose all of your inhibitions and just let loose.
  8. Taking a risk is when you learn the most about any and every thing.
  9. Adapting to a new culture can take time, patience is essential.
  10. Knowing what well spent money is. I learnt that there were certain things worth being broke over, such as traveling and exploring…and on the rare occasion a pair of really great shoes can count too.
  11. Never expect anything from anyone or anything, life is full of surprises.
  12. And finally, no matter what, there’s no sweeter mango than a Bajan mango.

Eleven months, two countries and twelve lessons to never forget, but is it enough?

A very wise woman once said,

eleanor roosevelt quote

Courtesy of

That woman was Eleanor Roosevelt and as I read her words I can’t help but think my year abroad may be over, but my life isn’t, so why stop here?

For this reason I’m not only going to keep on living my life with the passion I learnt to embrace over the last year, but I’m also going to keep on blogging about it, because as I said it’s a love I discovered I had this year and leaving it behind quite simply isn’t an option for me!



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